News and Events
Prefab Services accommodating in residential & offices to OGDCL at its Kohat and Karak Oil Fields amounting to Rs. 25.5 Million.
Prefab Services working on two projects Prefabricated Buildings in Mazafrabad AJK amounting to Rs. 5.5 Million.
Prefab Services has awarded a contract for Contraction of Prefabricated Hospitals in Peshawar amounting to Rs. 9.2 Million.

Safety First

Our workers are our capital – they are the backbone of what we do. Since we value human life more than anything else,

we take utmost care of our workers’ safety. Our factory and machines are regularly and diligently examined by highly-

trained technicians and engineers. The safety of our client and customers too, is extremely important to us. That is why

our products and services meet the most strictest of standards existing anywhere in the world. We take care that we use

safe technologies to protect our environment against air and water pollution and deforestation.>Development thrives on

safety. It ensures us peace of mind that enables us to think beyond the immediate concerns.


We support environmental action in collaboration with voluntary and community groups. We promote energy efficiency

measures and contribute to the achievement of global sustainability. We aspire to leave a healthy earth to our future

generations and we are always taking steps to ensure it. We are aware that economic development doesn’t matter if it is

obtained at the cost of our environment.


We take the following steps to ensure a healthy environment around our factory:

  • We take care we don’t pollute our air and the water resources.
  • We staunchly believe that environment and development have to co-exist, otherwise no development can achieved.
  • We encourage green areas around installations.
  • We constantly educating our workers and giving incentives to them to keep the environment clean.