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Prefab Services accommodating in residential & offices to OGDCL at its Kohat and Karak Oil Fields amounting to Rs. 25.5 Million.
Prefab Services working on two projects Prefabricated Buildings in Mazafrabad AJK amounting to Rs. 5.5 Million.
Prefab Services has awarded a contract for Contraction of Prefabricated Hospitals in Peshawar amounting to Rs. 9.2 Million.

Prefab Services is specialized in design and production of prefab house and our target is to bring glorious vision in life.

Prefab projects with brand as forerunner, management as base, personnel as core, renovation as power, mechanism as

guarantee, information as breakthrough and culture as guide. Prefab services is proud that with the blessings of Almighty

ALLAH! It is moving fastly towards its splendid future with intelligence, courage and honesty.


Prefab Services is a sister organization of S.S. Engineers (Pvt.) Ltd. which was established in early 1990’s.“S.S. Engineers

(Pvt) Ltd is a medium Construction Company having distinct experience in Construction, Equipment-Installation, erection,

fabrication, structures welding, etc. and providing its services to huge projects of National significance, especially for

Cement, Fiber, Chemical, Oil Refinery and Power generation plants with complete technical support” Prefab Services was

doing its job as sister organization of S.S. Engineers (Pvt.) Ltd. from 1998. In November 2009 Prefab Services got its

registration under the Govt. Rules of Pakistan. Since then, the company has become successful and motivated for

excellence in Government, Commercial and Private sectors.


By having a distinct position in the market, Prefab Services enjoying very good relations with its clients. Prefab services

has very vast experience of fabrication of Houses , Security Cabins, Mobile Laboratory, offices, Mobile hospital office,

residence, store, mess, kitchen, ablution unit, recreation rooms, and laborites as well as according to requirements of our

valued clients.


Prefab Services has successful experience in preparation of prefab houses. Our products are true in quality and beautiful

in design. The main characteristics are quick installation, easily disassembly and moving, heat and sound proof insulation,

rust resistibility, water and fire proofing and also durable, safe and cost effective.


We are possessing a strong and energetic technical team. We have 170 employees, 20 of them are professional designers

and engineers with rich experience in designing and producing. All technical staff have undergone specialized training in

the field of Design, Planning, Fabrication, Erection, Insulation, surface preparation and Painting etc.


Timely completion of all ongoing projects always received our highest priority.The company is well equipped with modern

tools & equipments.We always focus on the principle of the ”customer is the first”. We consider your requirement as our

task, your development as our aim. We ceaseless design new and environmental friendly building material to redound upon

the customer's strength supporting.